The Finer Choices in Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and an effective way to find customers and increase profits for commercial companies. Today we will consider how to use Instagram to promote a business, and sell goods and services on this site.

Instagram is a social network for publishing content, advertising a business, finding a target audience and communicating with online shoppers. To buy instagram views  you need to be specific now.

Why do we need instagram for business

Before learning how to conduct an instagram for a business, we’ll figure out what goals they pursue by choosing this social network:

Recognition recognition

Post regularly on behalf of the brand, talk about the product, its benefits, advertise the page through opinion leaders. This will attract subscribers to the profile, increase the number of account references, and make it more popular.

Increase customer base

Engage your subscribers with the right advertising and information content to convert them to customers.

Sales growth

Stimulate interest in the product with the help of selling posts and targeted advertising on Instagram, sell directly through Yandex.Direct or redirect people to the official online store.

Speech by an expert

Demonstrate knowledge in the field of activity with the help of unique expert content, answer questions from the audience, conduct online consultations and live broadcasts. This increases the credibility of the account and the company as a whole.

Search for partners

Communicate with the account administrators of related fields of activity, attract niche bloggers to collaborate on events or thematic online broadcasts.

How to create a business account on Instagram

Brand promotion in the network begins with the creation of an account. We will further consider the types of profiles on Instagram and choose the best one for doing business.

Account Types

Business promotion on Instagram can be carried out through different types of profiles. Below we have compared the functionality of all types of accounts to facilitate your choice.

Why do you need a business account on Instagram

Promotion on an instagram social network is best done through a business profile. There are a number of reasons for this:

Advertising opportunities

You can promote your posts with the help of numerous formats of targeted advertising in the stream or Stories, where a large number of target users will see you.

Detailed statistics

You can analyze the effectiveness of posts, advertising, track the activity of subscribers using the built-in statistics.

Communication with customers

Subscribers will be able to call or send messages in one click directly from the application through the built-in communication buttons – this will facilitate the communication process.

Registration of the account

You can specify detailed information about the company in the profile header, including the field of activity, active contact buttons, location, UTP, a link to the official site.

Increase sales

Creating product cards with prices and descriptions, setting up the transition to the appropriate section of the online store will increase conversion and increase sales.

How to switch to a business account on Instagram Connect a business profile by clicking on the “Menu” icon on the main page of the application. Then select “Settings” – “Account” – “Go to business account”.