Games You Would Love to Win Now

Do you still have a Super Nintendo somewhere at home? So maybe you still have the chance to play F-Zero! Fans of futuristic racing games know this, F-Zero is the benchmark in this field. Even if the graphics may seem to have aged a bit, the sensations are still there. Imagine yourself in the XXVI century, on Earth, when our civilization has long been open to the Universe, trading and trading with the other planets of the galaxy. It is in this atmosphere that the richest personalities in the universe organize a grand prize to distract themselves from their boring opulence. Despite the difficulties of the course, winning this grand prize is an incomparable distinction, which makes it very appreciated.

The pros: This game was the first to use mode 7, which rotates the background with rotations and zooms, giving it more fluidity than its predecessors. Make use of the lol smurf accounts to win it.

Crazy Taxi, the timeless

Originally, Crazy Taxi was an arcade game released in 1999 on Naomi and in 2000 on Dreamcast. Since then, the PC, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube versions have been created. In this game, you play as a taxi driver, to choose from four characters with varying characteristics. In his shoes, you need to transport customers from point A to point B, as quickly as possible. You also receive tips from your passenger as soon as you perform a figure, such as a skid, a fishtail or a jump. This game can boast of having an instant grip. In addition to its rather garish graphics, it immerses you in a rhythm of thunder.

The pros: there is a secret version which allows the player to control a taxi bike.

Colin McRae Rally, in rally mode

There is no question here of forgetting rally fans! For us, there is no photo, the best is Colin McRae. The main game mode is very simple: players must improve their reputation by earning points during events organized in the game. By participating, they also get the attention of sponsors who make them drive new cars, s ‘they pique their interest. Unlike its predecessors, the Dirt 3 version, our favorite, no longer bears the name of Colin McRae, world rally champion in 1995, unfortunately deceased in 2007 following a helicopter accident. It is, on the other hand, equipped with a gymkhana mode, which allows the player to gain points in an obstacle course by performing tricks.

The pros: The game is beautiful, it is solid at the technical level and driving in rally is rather pleasant.

Sonic Camp; Sega All-Stars Racing, to race on iPad too Since Mario Kart has not yet launched on iPad, Sega takes the opportunity to fill this void by launching its own kart game with its star, the famous blue hedgehog Sonic. The most legendary characters in the universe of Sega, 13 in number, are gathered here to compete in crazy races. Very simply, the goal of this game is to finish the races in the first place, with the help of various bonus items to collect. A multi-player mode is also possible, up to four people without a shared screen.