Finer Massaging Solutions As per Your Choices Now

Massage brings
innumerable benefits, even if it is only practiced on a part of the body. It
relaxes the muscles, promotes the proper functioning of the joints, relieves
pain, helps to combat stress, etc. In this tutorial, we will show you the
procedures to follow to practice a neck and shoulder massage.

Adopt the right technique

  • To 1인샵
    massage a person’s shoulders, the first thing to avoid is to vigorously rub
    these parts of the body with the hands.
  • During the massage, it is also
    advisable not to use the fingertips, as this will quickly tire you out.
  • It is more practical to put
    your hands in the shape of a duckbill to work the massed muscles.
  • Start shoulder massage
  • Sit the massage on a chair and
    make it comfortable.
  • Put both your hands in duckbill
    and start with the trapezoids.
  • Make circular movements with
    your thumbs while mobilizing all of your hands to loosen the massaged muscles.
  • Then pass on the shoulder
    blades, then on the bases of the arms and repeat the same gestures as earlier.

Massage one shoulder at a time

Hold one of the
shoulders with one hand and press the thumb of the latter with the fingers of
your other hand, then make circular movements. Then, hold the other shoulder
with both hands and briefly make circular movements with your two thumbs. Thereafter,
place a hand on each shoulder and repeat circular movements of the thumbs
starting from the bottom of the shoulder blades towards the trapezoids. Put
your hands on the bases of the arms and massage them using the palms of the

Massage the back

Let the massage
sleep on the table. Place your hands on the back of the neck so that it always
forms a duckbill. Your thumbs should be on either side of the massage spine and
your arms should be tight. Then massage the person’s back by joining your
thumbs to your other fingers and going from the nape to the base of the pelvis,
then vice versa. Pretend you are going to pinch something with your hands. This
massage relieves the massaged and eliminates tiredness.

To start, put
one hand on the shoulder and massage his neck with the fingers of your other
hand by moving them up and down. Then move your hand over the back of the head
and continue the massage using only the fingers. Finally, hatch the upper back
of the massage.