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Security is a priority at Xbox. Our teams have been working for years to offer tools to find the right balance between playing video games and family life, but also to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs. Family settings on Xbox offer over 20 customizable options to help parents set playtime limits, add content filters, and who their kids can play and communicate with.

Each parent can thus choose as they wish which parameters to apply. The Xbox Family Settings application, available for early access on Android and iOs, now allows you to adjust these family settings, wherever you are. Best choices for the valorant boosting is also there.

The Best Settings

The Xbox Family Settings application (in early access) gives parents and other guardians the possibility of keeping a close eye on children’s play practices from their phone. A simple way to create profiles for the rest of the family and change family settings on the remote console, to make sure kids play the titles you think are right for you. Go to this link for more details.

The Xbox Family Settings application (in early access) allows you to:

  • Control screen time: You can modify the screen time limits according to the day of the week, for example by allowing more playing time on weekends and reducing this factor during school weeks.
  • Add content filters: These filters can be activated according to the age of the child to correspond to the PEGI classification. The child can only play titles recommended for his age.
  • Change game and communication settings: You can choose to block all communication or connection with other players, limit these interactions to members of the friend list, or let older children interact with everyone.

Receive activity reports: To better understand the daily and weekly activity of each child on Xbox.

Via the application, parents or guardians can interact directly with the notifications sent by the console. Thus, if the child requests that his playing time be exceptionally extended, you can access his request remotely. The application includes new specific parameters for Minecraft , classified PEGI 7, relating to access and multiplayer. Some parents may want to let their young children access Minecraft multiplayer to join their friends online. An option in the application therefore instantly activates the possibility of playing online for this particular title. According to feedback from the community, other games may benefit from similar functionality in the future.


Finally, when the application will be available to everyone later in the year, parents will be able to see and manage their children’s friends list and thus accept or refuse friend requests thanks to the notifications received within the application.